2key Network combines a smart-contract infrastructure based on Ethereum with 2key proprietary technologies, such as:

- 2key protocol- A unique protocol that acts as a bridge between web-browsers and the Ethereum blockchain. The 2key protocol makes smart contracts accessible to everyone so that even non-techies can enjoy the advantages of smart contracts straight from their regular browsers.

- Multi-Step Tracking - 2key promotes a fair redistribution of wealth. This implies rewarding everyone instrumental to the success of an online campaign run with SmartLinks. Before 2key, available technologies could only track either the last campaign referrer, the one that led to a conversion, or those using affiliate links. Only the affiliate or the last referrer would reap the reward. This means that none of the other people who shared the link were acknowledged in any way.

Today, thanks to 2key's multi-step tracking, every single person who influences your audience is eligible for a share of the reward. So you can incentivize a real 'buzz' and optimize your campaigns in a new, fairer and more efficient way.

- 2key SmartLinks - 2key SmartLinks are regular HTTP web-links in which smart contracts have been embedded, thanks to 2key's proprietary protocol. In practice, this means that every interaction with a 2key SmartLink is tracked and recorded in the smart contract. When a conversion occurs, the smart contract calculates the reward due to each member of the converting referral chain and sends it to their dashboard when due. Referrers can then claim their reward and transfer it to their wallet.

From the moment the SmartLink is launched, no human intervention is necessary. This has the double advantage of guaranteeing the contract terms execution and of eliminating time-consuming campaign management administrative tasks.

- Multi-party state networks - 2key Network is a decentralized network, working on the Ethereum blockchain. To make transactions more rapid, scalable and effective, 2key's technology connects participants through 'multi-party-state-networks', significantly reducing gas costs and transaction times for every campaign.

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