Current referral solutions are ill-suited for SME/SMBs who lack the workforce to manage referrals and influencers campaigns or affiliate networks properly.

2key Network solves that problem while increasing existing customer loyalty.

2key allows you to reward your existing customers for recommending your products/solutions/services. When you create a campaign, seed its initial push by inviting your existing customers to refer your campaigns to their own circles. Incentivize them by explaining how they earn a reward proportional to the success of their referral activity.

If investing your marketing budget in your customers sounds more appealing to you than paying for Adwords or Facebook ads, this is an excellent reason to give it a try.

Full control on how your budget is apportioned

You have the possibility of quantifying the exact amount you are willing to invest for the desired result.

Even for a Pay-Per-Click campaign, you can set up the exact amount you will pay for each click — no more keywords bidding war on Google Adwords.

Zero Risk

You can set up your campaign so that rewards are due only when the target action (conversion) defined in your campaign is performed. The part of your budget not used during the campaign is automatically returned to your wallet.

If having the guarantee that you only pay for confirmed results sounds more attractive than paying influencers upfront for uncertain results, give it a try.

You risk nothing.

No room for fraud

2key campaigns run on the blockchain. They benefit from blockchain attributes of immutability, transparency, and trustlessness (if you are unfamiliar with the blockchain terminology, trustless means than the technology removes the need for a trusted intermediary to guarantee the validity of, in this case, the campaign actions performed by the referrers and participants.)

Minimal management

Tracking, calculating individual reward, and sending individual reward is all performed by the smart contract embedded in the 2key link. The only part of the campaign requiring human attention is creating the campaign.

Once it is published, the entire management is fully automated and the campaign creator can follow the campaign's expansion in real-time from their 2key dashboard.

If that sounds more manageable to you than overseeing affiliate campaigns, give it a try.

Free Use of the platform

Access to 2key technology is entirely free. Fees are only due in case of success as a 2% platform fee. As the budget is spent only when the desired action is performed, the fee is entirely success based. No upfront costs, no monthly membership, no entry fee, just start a campaign!

Proven Strategy

The resounding success of AirBnB, Dropbox, Uber, and others demonstrate the effectiveness of relying on your customer base to market your product/service/solution for you.

2key provides you with the tool to do so with no overhead, minimal management, and zero risk.

Blockchain secured

In-built in Blockchain technology are features that provide


When a transaction (in blockchain terminology, a transaction is any action defined in the smart contract such as, on 2key, a referral, click, sign-up, purchase of good, service or token, and more) takes place, it is recorded on the blockchain like it would be on a ledger. It remains visible to all at all times. This is done without recording any personal data.


A blockchain is a distributed ledger. You know what a ledger is, it can be a paper ledger, or an excel table, or software-based etc. Yet, all those ledgers are editable, so the information on them can be falsified. A distributed ledger is managed by the Network that supports a blockchain. Each addition to the blockchain is validated and added to the blockchain, or distributed ledger. Once it is validated, it is technologically impossible to modify the entry.

This implies that blockchain is unfalsifiable and indelible.


On today's Internet, people rely on trusted intermediaries to ensure the safety of their transactions.

Banks are holding your money - for a fee

CC companies manage the transfer of your money from your account to the intended recipient - for a fee

Payment processing companies enable you to securely pay for goods and services online and offline - for a fee

Lawyers defend you in case of breach of contract - for a hefty fee.

The list goes on.

Blockchain eliminates the need for all these intermediaries and enables transacting with anybody protected by the smart contract.

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