Erez and Eitan are good friends for over a decade, completing one another. Erez has a vast financial background, and he built online products (mainly ad-tech) in the past few years. Eitan is a great builder, and 2key is the 4th startup he is involved in during the past decade, including Keywee and Wochit.

2key is about making smart contracts accessible and scalable. We created a protocol to allow regular browsers and link sharing to play out smart contracts utilizing off-chain browser-based multi-party-state-networks. The 2key Network, a platform for Social Sourcing where anyone can mobilize the human Network to find target audiences and leverage genuine peer-to-peer recommendations, is built on top of that protocol.

2key began its journey in late 2017. It took us about a year to spec it out, design it, understand what we need to build and assemble the team. From there - over the past two year, we've been building everything you can see (and mostly what you can't see yet and works perfectly under the hood) on the 2key Network.

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