By far the most common reasons are:

  1. Your sharing activity did not generate any direct or indirect (down your referral chain) conversion. That is, though it might have been reshared, none of your activity, or downstream referral chain activity, translated into participation. A conversion consists of performing the campaign action (this is worded differently according to the type of campaign - Open the link, buy a ticket, buy tokens, donate …

  2. Your achieved results did not match the restrictions defined in the SmartLink you shared. Such restrictions are displayed in the sharing window and cover:

    1. Location: some SmartLinks are limited to geographic areas, conversions occurring in areas excluded from the target audience are not validated.

    2. Gender or age: some SmartLinks are targeting specific gender of age groups and conversions emanating from users who do not match the target group are not validated.

    3. Limit in the number of allowed shares: to avoid spamming, SmartLink creators sometimes opt to limit the number of shares per referrer. If the limit is set at 10, for example, and your personal referring activity yield 100 conversions, only 10 conversions will be validated.

The other possible reason is that your Qi score (formerly reputation score) has plunged too low.

2key’s Qi score shows how productive you’ve been on the 2key network. It is a dynamic score, that changes in near real-time according to your actions on the 2key network.

If you share SmartLinks responsibly, with people who are genuinely interested in them - you’ll gain a higher Qi score. This means you’ll be generally more trusted by others on the network. It also means that you’ll receive a greater percentage of rewards for every successful participation and periodical bonuses for maintaining your high score.

That’s the carrot side, now for the stick.

We’re aiming for a spam-free 2key network. So if you share SmartLinks irresponsibly, and simply bombard everyone you know with irrelevant information, your reputation score will drop fast. This means you’ll receive smaller and smaller percentages of the rewards for your successful conversions until you may not receive any rewards at all. That is, until you restore your reputation by sharing responsibly.

So aim to share 2key SmartLinks only with people who’d be glad to get them.

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