A referrer is someone who receives a SmartLink and shares it with others using 2key referring function. When receiving a 2key SmartLink, you are presented with two options:

1- Participate

Participate means taking any action for the SmartLink that you are interacting with- the type of participation is worded differently according to the type of SmartLink - Open link, buy a ticket, buy tokens, donate …

2- Refer and Earn

When selecting the second option, “Refer and Earn”, you become a SmartLink referrer and can earn rewards. 2key system automatically includes your referral in the SmartLink's smart contract and you can track all sharing and participating activity downstream from your account’s Referral tab.
When one of the people with whom you shared the SmartLink, or another referrer brought in by you, participates, you earn the portion of the reward due to you.

Your share of the reward is calculated according to the reward split model defined in the smart contract, which you can see in the right column of the SmartLink content.


  • Default SmartLinks are shared with no elective reward, but enable you to earn Qi points that yield 2KEY tokens.

  • Donation SmartLinks also carry Gratitude Tokens, which have no monetary value. This might be in addition to crypto rewards or not, depending on the Donation SmartLink's smart contract. If monetary rewards are offered, sharers have the built-in option to donate their reward.

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