To create a default SmartLink with no elective rewards or a PPC SmartLink, there is no cost at all! This is because those SmartLinks are deployed on 2key Layer 2 and periodically bulked together to be added to Ethereum MainNeet

Currently, all other SmartLink types are directly recorded on Ethereum MainNet, so the Ethereum gas and gweis charged by Ethereum for registering and deploying the campaign on the Ethereum blockchain have to be paid by the SmartLink creator.

When running a PPC campaign, you need to lock in the amount of the rewards to ensure that referrers will have access to the rewards they earned.
All unspent locked amount is returned to your wallet when the campaign is ended.
In case your locked amount is consumed before the target end-date of your campaign, you have the possibility to top up the campaign locked reserve to ensure it continues until your selected end date.

When the rewards for your campaign are set up as a percentage of the amount collected in case of conversion, no locked fund is necessary, since the reward is automatically deducted from buyers' or donators’ payment as defined by you when you created the campaign.

Rewards are only distributed after a conversion occurs, so you risk nothing.

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