The technology behind the 2key Network is radically new. It offers solutions that do not exist in any other place.

- Track and reward full referral-chains, not just an individual referrer. Based on multi-step tracking technology, 2key can track entire chains of referrers. People share a campaign's SmartLinks, the 2key smart contract embedded in the link tabulates each share and registers when there is a conversion. You can watch your campaign’s viral growth in real-time from your dashboard.

When a conversion occurs, the reward is distributed to each sharer in the chain leading to that conversion, according to the reward formula initially defined in the campaign smart contract.

This translates into better campaign optimization, better results, and increased followers' loyalty.

- Build higher customer loyalty - 2key Network is a people-based network. Instead of paying centralized platforms to display your campaign, when you opt for 2key Network, you are rewarding the very people who support and share your campaign. The ideal way to turn your customers who know your products into your best ambassadors.

- Never pay ahead of time for unknown results - 2key Network spells the end of high-risk investment in influencers. Payment is only due after a conversion occurred. So you only pay for proven, actual results, not for hyped hope on the effect of someone's influence.

- Zero coding required - No need to be a tech wiz to build a campaign with 2key Network, anyone can set up a campaign in minutes. The 2key team worked hard to make your life easy so that building a campaign is accessible for anyone.

- Self-managed - Once your campaign is up and running, managing the tracking and the rewarding of referrers is entirely automated. No more hectic affiliate payday, no more disputes, or haggling about what is due to whom. Once created and deployed, campaigns are managed by the smart contract embedded in the SmartLink. The structure of blockchain guarantees that each transaction is fairly registered and that each deserving participant gets their fair share. The smart contract automatically sends each participant the amount due.

It is a real, 100% "set-up and forget" campaign.

- Join the movement for a more open and democratic web - The 2key Network is decentralized and democratic. We're leveling the playing field so that anyone can create successful campaigns and reach the right people without having to spend enormous budgets.

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