Social Mining is an ecosystem that integrates a manual, hybrid, or fully self-executing reward system incentivizing people to bring value to a network by providing remuneration in crypto-currencies.

Social mining is based on the principle that any user can upload and describe the work they performed on the ecosystem. This work is then validated by other members of the community. Both workers and validators receive rewards for their work, according to a pre-defined reward distribution model. These rewards are distributed monthly.

In addition, workers and validators are awarded points, influence, and reputation that generate an additional reward channel.

These rewards can amount to as little as a few cents or reach a few thousand dollars for very active members.

Social mining is designed to turn passive token holders into active participants of the network and the ecosystem, participants who work towards the long term best interest of the network economy.

Social mining gives users the ability to vote on other people's work and collectively decide who should receive a larger part of the reward pool. Social mining engages and bonds token holders through this process and over time builds a strong community of well organized and skillful community members, that can work collaboratively but in a decentralized manner. Through this process, social mining turns any blockchain ecosystem into a DAO over time

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