The 2KEY tokenomics structure dedicates 20% of 2key network’s total token supply to Reputation Mining Pool.

Over the coming decade, up to 120 million 2KEY tokens are set to be distributed to 2key network users based on their accumulated reputation. These token earnings incentivize quality sharing, early adoption, engagement, network awareness, token staking, and network growth.

From August 1st, 2020, up to 10% of this amount will be distributed yearly, with a monthly budget fluctuating proportionally to the activity on the network.

During the launch period, 2key caps the number of tokens distributed according to the following method:

EAU (# of Epoch Active Users) * 10 2KEY Tokens
Epoch Total 2KEY Reward Amount


Assuming that, in August 2020, 2key network had 11,000 unique active users and that the epoch is one calendar month,111,000 2KEY Tokens will be distributed by September 10th, 2020.

Once the network reaches 100,000 monthly active users for at least three months in a row, the distribution around 1,000,000 2KEY tokens a month, with adjustments within the year as needed.

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