2key network’s users and pages earnings are made available for withdrawal from your Network Dashboard at the end of each epoch. Note: the withdrawal Tx fees are paid for by the user so it is recommended to check the Tx fee amount before withdrawing.

Epoch Reputation Mining Pool allocation is divided into three pools:

  1. Epoch Activity Pool: 50%

  2. Global Reputation Pool: 25%

  3. Epoch Staking Pool: 25%

Pages and users can earn from each of these three pools. Each participant’s score is calculated based on the following scores:

Activity Score (AS)

  • The number of Reputation points earned during the current epoch.

  • Your earnings from the Epoch Activity Pool is equal to your relative AS (your personal AS divided by the Total Network AS (the sum of all participants’ AS for this epoch)).

Global Reputation Score (GRS)

  • Your take from the Global Reputation Pool is equal to your relative Global Reputation Stake — your global reputation score divided by the Network Global Reputation (the sum of the global reputation of all network participants) — all per the snapshot of the last day of the epoch.

Staking Score (SS)

  • The lowest amount of 2KEY staked in the app and on Uniswap or SushiSwap Liquidity Pools multiplied by the highest number of consecutive days staked in the epoch.

  • Your take from the Epoch Staking Pool is equal to your relative Stake Score — your SS divided by the Total Network Staking (the sum of SS for everyone on the network this previous epoch).


(The numbers and dates below are for demonstration purposes only.)

If on September 1st, the Reputation Mining Pool calculated for August contains 100K 2KEY tokens, it will be divided between the three sub-pools as follows:

  1. 50% to Monthly Activity Pool: 50K 2KEY

  2. 25% to Global Reputation Pool: 25K 2KEY

  3. 25% to Monthly Staking Pool: 25K 2KEY


  1. Assuming you earned a net worth of 85 reputation points in the previous epoch. Your Activity Score (AS) = 85

  2. Assuming your pre-existing GRS was 65, your Global Reputation Score (GRS) now = 65 + 85 =150

  3. You have staked a minimum of 5000 2KEY on the app and on Uniswap LP, for a maximum of 5 consecutive days during the epoch → your Staking Score (SS) is 5000

The Network:


  1. The sum of each 2key network users AS is 50 000 ⇒ Total Network AS = 50,000

  2. The sum of each 2key network users GRS is 150,000 ⇒ Total Network GRS = 150,000

  3. The sum of all 2key network users staking score for the epoch is ⇒Total Network SS = 70,000,000

Your Final Scores:

  1. Your relative AS = 85 / 50,000 = 0.17%

  2. Your relative GRS = 150 / 150,000 = 0.1%

  3. Your relative SS = 200,000 / 70,000,000 = %0.285%

Your Monthly Reputation Mining:

  1. Participation (AS): 50,000 x 0.17% = 85 2KEY

  2. Reputation (GRS): 25,000 x 0.1% = 25 2KEY

  3. Staking (SS): 25,000 x 0.285% = 71.25 2KEY

Your Total Earnings for this epoch — 181.25 2KEY Tokens

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