You can lose Qi points if:

  • A conversion is unapproved
    Conversions (clicks, donation, purchase, registration, etc.) can be unapproved if it is identified as fraudulent or if the converter is outside the contractor defined targeted audience when applicable.

  • You receive negative feedback

2key reputation economy is designed to ensure that referrer share SmartLinks to a targeted audience and refrain from spammy or fraudulent behavior. As the network grows, users with high Qi scores might benefit from advantages, such as access to SmartLinks reserved to referrers with a Qi score above a certain threshold, or other perks that will be created when the time comes.

Qi points already yield a periodic reward in 2KEY tokens and will be integrated to add other perks, so it is worth avoiding spammy or misleading behavior.

For a full description of how Qi Points are granted and how rewards are distributed, click here.

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