2key partnered with Simplex to ensure maximum safety when purchasing cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card. So now you can buy cryptocurrencies directly from your 2key account with the security provided by Simplex EU licensed transactional infrastructure.

To buy cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card

Step 1: Go to your wallet

  • From your personal or page account top-right menu bar, click on your profile icon.

  • In the scroll-down menu, click "Unlock Wallet".

  • Enter your password.

  • Click Unlock Wallet.

Step 2: Select the cryptocurrency to purchase

  • On your wallet left column menu, click BuyCrypto with Credit Card.

  • Select the cryptocurrency to buy.

  • Select the currency used to pay.

  • Select one of the pre-encoded amounts or enter the amount of your choice.

Note: The amount of cryptocurrency displayed is the amount you will receive in your wallet. Fees and exchange rates are already factored in.
  • In the box corresponding to your selection, click Buy Now.
    This will redirect you to Simplex Interface where you benefit from optimal transaction management security.

Step 3: Follow Simplex instructions

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