2key partnered with Simplex to ensure maximum safety when purchasing cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card. So now you can buy cryptocurrencies directly from your 2key account with the security provided by Simplex EU licensed transactional infrastructure.

To buy cryptocurrencies with a Credit Card

  • Step 1: Go to your wallet

  • Step 2: Select the cryptocurrency to purchase

  • Step 3: Using the template in your article

Step 1: Go to your wallet

  • From your personal or page account top-right menu bar, click on your profile icon.

  • In the scroll-down menu, click "Unlock Wallet".

  • Enter your password.

  • Click Unlock Wallet.

Step 2: Select the cryptocurrency to purchase

  • On your wallet, left the column menu, click BuyCrypto with Credit Card.

  • Select the cryptocurrency to buy.

  • Select the currency used to pay.

  • Select one of the pre-encoded amounts or enter the amount of your choice.

Note: The amount of cryptocurrency displayed is the amount you will receive in your wallet. Fees and exchange rates are already factored in.
  • In the box corresponding to your selection, click Buy Now.
    This will redirect you to Simplex Interface where you benefit from optimal transaction management security.

Step 3: Follow Simplex instructions

Note: The steps below are given as an indication. Simplex might modify the process a any time.

  1. Enter your credit card details.

2. Click Next.

3. Enter the required details.

4. Click Pay Now.

5. Enter the confirmation code sent to your email.

6. Wait for the Credit Card verification.

7. If required, proceed with ID verification:

a. Select the ID document to upload.

b. Click Choose passport image.

c. Wait for payment confirmation.

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