2key wallet offers DEX Marketplace services. Swapping options began with KyberSwap and Uniswap and offer full visibility of the transaction value and transaction fee options. You can process transactions directly from 2key native or connected wallet’s dashboard.

For arbitrage purposes, 2key lets users buy and sell tokens on various DEXes and AMMs from a single platform, with at a glance visibility of the temporary price difference in real-time. Originally, the available tokens were DAI, ETH, BUSD, DAX, ISTD, TUSD, RENBTC, WBTC, and USDC. Check your wallet to see the current options.

You can select one of four TX fee options (Economic, Average, Priority, and High Priority), enabling you to privilege Tx cost or transaction time depending on your priority.

2KEY tokens earned through any available earning options, sharing SmartLinks, reputation mining or social mining, or hodling in liquidity pools, can be swapped directly from your 2key account wallet, eliminating the need - and cost - of transferring the earned token to an external wallet or exchange to access swapping options.

To swap tokens from your 2key wallet:

  1. In the upper right corner, click the page/account icon.

2. From the scroll-down menu, click Unlock Wallet.

3. When prompted, enter your wallet password.

Note: If you activated the 2FA (2-factor authentication) security feature as recommended, you will also have to enter the code sent to your authenticator app.

4. Click Unlock Wallet.
This opens access to your wallet.

5. From your wallet options, click Swap.

6. From the scroll-down options, select the tokens to swap.

7. Enter the amount to swap.

The number of target tokens you receive from each DEX is displayed below.

8. Select the DEX to perform the operation.

9. Tick the " I acknowledge that token swaps are performed by a third-party service and are irreversible." box.

10. (Optional) In the lower right corner, click Edit Tx Fee.

a. Select the fee option.

b. Click Swap.
A pending transaction window opens

11. Wait for the transaction confirmation.

Your swap is completed. You can see the resulting swap on your wallet dashboard.

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