When you receive a Token Sale campaign, you are presented with a screen that contains all the token and token sale information.

  1. The token full description section – this is where the token issuer provides all the information about the token uses, application, underlying technology, roadmap, team, and any other information deemed relevant.

  2. The Token Information section - A summary of the technical details of the token.

  3. The current state of the token sale campaign – this displays the number of participants (buyers) who already bought tokens, the percentage of the campaign goal already reached, and the total amount the token sale aims to reach.

  4. The type of actions you might take – buying tokens or referring to earn the referral reward.

  5. The person who sends you the SmartLink to participate in the Token Sale.

6. The Campaign Facts – information about the token sale campaign.

7. The Token Contract Address.

8. The referral reward allocation model.

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