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Once your donation/fundraising campaign is deployed and you gave it its initial push, just watch how your supporters and their circles of connections spread your campaign and bring in donations.

To visualize the success of your campaign in real-time:

  1. From your page homepage, select the campaign.
    The campaign inner menu bar lets you navigate between different ways of viewing your campaign progress and displays a summary of the real-time progress of your campaign.

The numbers on the right side of the inner menu bar summarize:

  • Viewed - The number of times your campaign was viewed

  • Forwarded - the number of times your campaigned was shared

  • Raised - the total amount raised
    Note: If you activated the compulsory KYC, only approved payment will be displayed here. Payment pending Identity Verification approval are not tabulated.

2. From your campaign page Story tab top of the right column, you see:

  • A progress bar displaying the percentage of your fundraising goal already raised

  • Days left - the number of days left before the campaign ends

  • Participants - the number of participants who donated

  • Goal - the set amount you defined as a goal

3. From the Participant Tab, you see:

  • The Progress Menu:

  • Raised Donations - the total amount raised

  • Viewed - the number of time your campaign has been viewed

  • Forwarded - the number of times your campaign was shared

  • Pending - the number of pending payments
    Note: Payment may be pending for a number of reasons, the most frequent ones are:
    - KYC process awaiting approval
    - Low TX fee selected that translate into slow processing by Ethereum blockchain

  • Rejected - the number of rejected payments.

The Transaction Table:

  • Transaction - the numerical value assigned to that transaction

  • Date - the transaction approval date and time

  • UserName - the username of the donator

  • FullName - the donator's full name (deprecated)

  • Country - the donator's country

  • Tier - the referral chain level (Deprecated)

  • Token Sold - the number of gratitude tokens distributed to donators

  • Tx hash - the transaction address

  • Status - the transaction status: Completed, Pending or Rejected

4. From the Referrals tab, you see:

  • A top information bar containing

  • Raised - the total amount raised

  • Conversions - the number of participants whose donation has been approved

  • Referrals Rewards - the number of 2KEY tokens distributed to sharers in referral chains

  • Conversion Rate - the percentage of views converting into a donation

  • Avg. Chain - the average length of a referral chain

  • Tokens Awarded - the number of Gratitude Tokens awarded

  • A genealogical tree representing the way your campaign is spreading

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