2key Token Sale smart-contract enables you to securely buy tokens straight from any 2key based token sale campaign, secure in the knowledge that the smart contract executes every step.

To buy a token:

  1. From the Token Sale campaign page, click Get Tokens Now.
    This opens a new screen.

2. Select the relevant currency.

3. Enter the requested amount.

IMPORTANT! Ensure that the amount in your wallet is sufficient to cover your purchase.

4. (Optional) to hide your Username from the public participant list, check the checkbox.

5. Click Next.

6. If you have not done so already, unlock your wallet by entering your password.
Note: If you forgot your password, recover your wallet with your secret words.

7. Wait for your transaction to be processed.

WARNING! Navigating away from this window before this transaction is complete might result in a transaction failure.

8. If prompted to verify your identity, click Proceed to Identity Verification.

1. Select an Identification Verification Provider

Civic is independent of 2key. If you select Civic, refer to their manuals for further instructions.

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