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Once your campaign is deployed, it is time to give it the initial push by sharing it across your assets and social media, with your core supporters, your customers, your family, and friends.
To jumpstart your Token Sale campaign:

1. From your Page homepage, select your Token Sale campaign.

2. Click Publish Campaign.

3. (Recommended) From the Publish your Campaign screen, click Edit text.

4. Edit the text to reflect the message you want to display in the social media posts.

5. Click Save Text.

6. (Recommended) Click Shorten Link.
This turns the long blockchain link into a shorter, human-friendly link that displays the title of your campaign instead of a long string of numbers and letters.



Note: You can always access the original link by clicking Copy the original link.

7. Click the social media icons to share on your channels.

That's it!

The next step is to sit back and watch your message spread virally from your campaign Referrals tab.
You can always give your Token Sale campaign an additional push by sharing it again.

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