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In this section, you can select a goal for your SmartLink, define a bonus to increase tokens’ buy-ins, select a token lockup method, restrict participants' right to participate by age, country, min./max participation, or request Identity verification (Know Your Customer - KYC).

To define your SmartLink details:

1. In the Campaign Goals field, enter the Soft Cap and Hard Cap amounts.
Note: This will automatically update the number of tokens to sell, based on the number of tokens and their price defined in the previous step. You cannot enter a Cap amount superior to the total number of tokens available.

2. (Optional) Select the End the contract once it reaches its goal option.
Note: this will end your Token Sale campaign before your campaign end date in case the goal is reached ahead of time.

3. (Optional) In the Campaign Bonus field, slide the selector to define the percentage of purchased tokens awarded to the buyer as a bonus.

4. In the Campaign Dates field, select the Start Date and (optional) the End Date from the drop-down calendars.
Note: the default Start Date is the date you initiated the campaign creation. If you save a draft and continue at a later date, update the start date to the current date or later to remove the error message.

(Optional) Define Tokens Lockup. Toggle the Tokens Lockup button to Yes.

From the newly opened options, enter the Token Distribution Date.

Option 1 - Select one of the five predefined token lockup models.

Option 2 - Create a custom token lockup model.

Select the Modified Lockup option.

From the Lockup On the field, select one of the two available options:

  • Base & Bonus: This option divides the entire token amounts - the purchased token + the bonus - into equal parts are distributed to the token buyer from the distribution date at intervals defined below.

  • Bonus: with this option, the entire amount of purchased tokens is unlocked at the distribution date, and the bonus is unlocked at later dates defined below.In the

Split into # Parts field, enter the number of distribution dates.
Note: this number does not include the initial distribution date.

In the Days Between Parts field, enter the number of days between each unlocking date.

If you selected the Bonus option in step 2 above, in the Days Between Base to Bonus field, enter the initial interval between the distribution day and the first unlocking of bonus tokens.

6. (Optional) Fine-tune audience targeting.

a. Click the Advanced options - Participant details down arrow.

b. In the Participation Limits field, enter the min and/or maximum amount allowed for buying tokens.

c. In the Minimum Age to Participate field, enter the minimum age.

d. From the Restricted Countries drop-down options, select the countries excluded from participating in your Token Sale.

e. To enforce identification before approving a token purchase, toggle the Require Identity Verification button to yes.

f. Select one of the available Know Your Customer (KYC) service, providers.

7. Click Next.

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