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When creating a Token Sale contract, you can either use the existing ERC20, ERC223, ERC777 tokens, or your unique ERC20 tokens directly on the 2key platform.

Creating a New ERC20 Token

1.Select Create a new ERC20 Token.

2.Click Continue & Save.

Note: While you create your new token, your campaign is saved as a draft. After creating your new token, go to your Dashboard, select the drafted campaign, and continue creating this campaign.

3. From the Manage Tokens screen, enter:

  • The token name.

  • The token symbol

  • The total number of tokens

  • The number of decimals to compute for the token

  • Upload the token image

4. Click Create Token.

5. In the Token Details page:

  1. From the Select Token type selector, select the type of token

  2. .From the Token price selector, select the official currency used as a base reference for your token value.

  3. In the Token price field, enter the value of a single token in the selected currency.

6. Click Next.

Using existing ERC20, ERC223, ERC777 tokens

To create a Token Sale campaign with ERC20/223/777:

  1. From the token Details page, select Use ERC20/223/777.

  2. From the Choose Campaign Tokens drop-down, select the token.

    Note: The remaining fields are automatically filled with the details of the selected token.

3. Click Next.

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