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The design, text, and images of the message to your potential token buyers are your tool to grab their attention at first glance and provide them with the information they need to decide if they want to buy tokens or share your token sale campaign with potential buyers or with people interested in sharing your token sale campaign with their community.

To design your Token Sale campaign:

  1. In the Campaign Title field, enter the name of your Token Sale campaign.

  2. Select a category from the scroll down menu.

  3. Upload an image that will be displayed in the thumbnails of social media.

  4. In the “Describe your session and service with text and images and videos” section, describe your token, its use, and other relevant information. This is the content that will be accessible to your potential token buyers and sharers.

5. (Optional) To add links to your social media, click the + button.

In the Pop-up window:

a. Select the icon of the required social media channel.

b. Enter the matching URL.

c. Click Save.

d. Repeat as needed.

6. Click Next.

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