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Once your Zoom SmartSession is published, you can track how many people saw your invitation, how many people shared it, and how many admission tickets were sold.

Option 1

1. From your page, click Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Zoom SmartSession line.

3. Watch the numbers grow!

Option 2

  1. From your page, click the campaign.

  2. From the campaign Menu Bar, select Referrals.

3. Look at the displayed elements to see:

  • Sold - the total amount collected for the admission tickets already paid for

  • Conversions - the number of admission ticket sold

  • Referral Rewards - The number of 2KEY tokens distributed to referrers who led to a ticket sale (only relevant if you activated the Referral Promotion Campaign. The reward amount is directly deducted from the ticket payment, without requiring any action on your part. Your SmartSession smart contract automatically send the reward to the referrer when a ticket payment is approved.)

  • Conversion Rate - the percentage of time your SmartSession invitation has been viewed compared to the number of times a ticket has been sold.

  • Avg. Chain - the average number of people in a referral chain.

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