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Define your session price, the maximum number of participants (make sure that the maximum number of participants does not exceed your Zoom account limits), session date, time and duration, and the initial date the link is available for purchase.

To configure your Zoom SmartSession details:

1. In the Price per Participant fields:

a. Select the currency.

b. Enter the price per session per attendee.

Note: When the selected currency is a fiat currency, the minimum admission price for a session is $5.

The funds are collected in cryptocurrencies.

2. In the Max Number of Participants field, enter the maximum number of participants allowed.

Note: You will only be able to select up to the maximum allowed participants for your Zoom subscription level.­

3. In the Schedule Session field:

a. Select the session date and time.

b. Enter the session duration.

Note:You will only be able to select the parameters in compliance with your Zoom subscription level.

4. In the Session Sale Start Date, enter the date at which the session sale is starting. This is the time from which people will be able to purchase the ticket to your Zoom SmartSession.


  • We recommend leaving the default settings, which enables purchasing tickets to your Zoom Smartsession immediately after your Zoom SmartSession is created.

  • Ticket purchasing is enabled from Midnight UTC of the Session Sale Smart Date and ends when the session is already running for 50% of its scheduled duration, enabling people to purchase tickets until halfway through your SmartSession.

  • Entering a date in this field schedules a future SmartSession sale opening ate midnight UTC on the date entered.

5. Click Next.

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