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The design, text, and images of the message you will send to your potential audience are your tools to grab your audience's attention at first glance and display the information needed to decide to attend your live call or not.

To design your Zoom SmartSession message:

  1. In the Session Title field, enter the name of your Zoom session as it will be displayed in the invitation.

  2. Upload an image that will be displayed in the thumbnails of social media.

  3. In the “Describe your session and service with text and images” section, edit the default text to adjust and the date, time, and price of your session describe its content.

    Note: The default text includes a description of the procedure to follow to purchase admission to your session. The recommended course of action is to leave that section at the end of your personal message.

4. (Optional) To add links to your social media, click the + button.

In the Pop-up window:

a. Select the icon of the required social media channel.

b. Enter the matching URL.

c. Click Save.

d. Repeat as needed.

5. Click Next.

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