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Define your donation or fundraising campaign goal, its start and end date, the minimum and maximum donation amount if relevant, and activate compulsory KYC if required.

To configure your Donation or Fundraising Campaign:

1. In the Set your campaign goal fields:

  1. Select the currency.

  2. Enter the target amount you hope to raise.

  3. (Optional) Tick the End the contract when it reaches its goal box.
    This will automatically end the campaign once the campaign goal amount has been reached.

2. (Optional) To configure the additional options, click the down arrow.

1. In the Campaign dates field:

1. Select the Start Date– the default start date is the date you create the campaign.

2. Select the End Date– if unspecified, the campaign is open-ended.

2. In the Donation Limits field:

1.Enter the minimum amount for a donation.

Note: 2key protocol technology renders micro-donations of even a few cents possible.

2. Enter the maximum amount for a donation.

3. To activate a compulsory identity verification, click.

If you activated the Identity Verification option, select the KYC provider.

3. Click Next.

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