To create any 2key campaign, you need a page in addition to your personal account. This is the professional page associated to the business for which you are running campaigns. To create a 2key page you need to have a user account . You can add additional users to your page by inviting them to a specific role [link to Managing Page Roles].

To create a 2key page:

  1. From, in the top left corner, click the menu bar .

  2. In the My Pages section of the displayed menu, click Create New Page.

3. In the newly displayed window

Option 1 - Update your page details:

  1. Select your page category.

  2. Enter a name for your page.
    Note: This will automatically generate your Page handle

  3. Enter the email address associated with that page
    Note: The email displayed by default is the email associated with the page creator personal account

  4. Click Next.

4. Option 2 - Click Connect with Facebook:

This option will automatically import from the selected Facebook page the background and profile images.

a. Connect with the Facebook account holding the Facebook page admin rights.
Note: You need both your 2key account and the Facebook account opened on the same browser.

  • From your Facebook account, select the page to import.

  • Click Next.
    This opens a Facebook window requesting you to grant 2key permission to receive your email address, manage your pages, and show a list of the Pages you manage.

  • Click Done.

  • Click OK.

b. From the Facebook Pages displayed on your 2key screen, select the Facebook page you want to import.

c. Click Next.

d. Select a Page Category.

e. Click Create Page.
A confirmation window opens.

f. Click Next.

  1. Set a wallet for your page:

  1. Enter a name for your wallet.
    Note: the displayed default name is the page handle

  2. Enter a password for your wallet

  3. Confirm the password.

  4. Click Next.
    A new window opens.

6. Select between backing your wallet up immediately or postpone for a later time

a. (Recommended) To back up your wallet, click Show secret words.
Secret words (mnemonics) are used to recover your wallet from any compatible HD wallet. It is the only way to guarantee access to your wallet and the funds it contains if you lose your wallet password. Store these secret words in a secure and private location.

1. From the newly opened window, save the displayed secret words in the chronological order they are displayed by:

  • Clicking Download Phrase.

  • Copying them on a piece of paper.

  • Copy-pasting them.

2. Click I have Saved My Recovery Phrase.

3. In the Test window, click on each of the displayed secret words in chronological order.

4. Click Next.
A new window opens

Warning: Do not navigate away until the wallet registration confirmation window is displayed.

5. In the wallet confirmation window, click Continue.

b. (Alternatively) Click I will back up later.
2key does not guarantee access to your wallet if you lose your password.

Note: a reminder to back up your wallet will be displayed regularly until your wallet is backed up.

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