Although we recommend using a 2key Wallet, you can connect with your existing Metamask wallet if that is more convenient for you.

NOTE - Metamask is only supported on Chrome Desktop, and only for hot wallets.

(Do not use Ledger/Trezor via MetaMask, as the widget does not correctly relay the required signature requests to your hardware wallet). To connect a hardware wallet, please select the Ledger option to connect your Ledger with the 2key Dapp. Please note that the Metamask plugin does not work on mobile, and no longer works properly on browsers with integrated native web3 support (like Brave/Opera etc..)

To connect your Metamask Wallet to your account:

  1. From your personal account or your page, click on your profile or page account.

  2. In the scroll-down menu, click Create Wallet.

  3. Click Or, connect an existing wallet.

4. In the pop-up window, select MetaMask.

5. Click Connect my Metamask.

6. From the Metamask pop-up window, click Connect.

7. When prompted by Metamask, click Sign.

8. You are redirected to your wallet page on 2key.

Note: The procedure section linked to MetaMask is under MetaMask control and might be modified without our knowledge. If you notice discrepancies between the process above and your experience, kindly let us know.

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