2key HD wallet is the first non-custodian ERC wallet that supports 2FA protection.

We integrated this critical security feature, and now you must enter both your password and your authenticator code to unlock your wallet or send or manage funds.

To activate your 2FA authentication:

1. From your wallet Settings scroll down, select Security.

2. In the newly opened window Two Factor Authentication section, click Enable.

3. Select the Authenticator or download one on your mobile phone.

4. Option 1 - From the Authenticator app on your mobile phone, scan the QR code image displayed.
Option 2 - On the Authenticator app on your mobile phone, enter the QR code.

5. Click Submit.

6. Save the displayed code on paper.

Note: In case of device breach, saving the code digitally enables hackers who gained access to your device to enter your wallet. Learn more about securing your digital assets.

7. Enter your wallet password and the authenticator code displayed on your authenticator app.

8. Click Submit.

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