2key SmartLinks enables you to transform any existing link into a SmartLink. SmartLink incentivize efficient content sharing by rewarding every person part of a referral chain every time a person down that referral chain clicks the link.

Referrers and SmartLink creators earn 2KEY tokens from the Reputation Mining program, that reward considerate sharing with Qi Points periodically yielding 2KEY tokens. The system is designed to incentivize SmartLink creators to carefully select the content they share, and referrers to share with care.

Once your SmartLink is deployed on Ethereum Blockchain, you are able to see how it spreads virally in real-time from your page referral tab.

To create a SmartLink

  1. On the right side of the top menu bar, click Create a SmartLink.

  2. Paste or drop your link in the Paste or drop your link here field.

SmartLink Creation step 2 screenshot

3. Wait for the 2key system to extract data.

4. (Optional) To increase your SmartLink discoverability, add up to five tags.

Note: For details about to add rewards, define target audience, scheduling your SmartLink and making your SmartLink private, check the Customize your SmartLink entry.

5. Click Get SmartLink.

6. Click Publish Campaign.

7. (Optional) To edit the text that appears in social share thumbnails, click Edit text.

8. Share the SmartLink with your circles.

Option 1: Click the social media icons to share on your channels.

Option 2: Click Copy Link and paste the link where you want to share it.
Note: The thumbnail text will not appear when you copy-paste the SmartLink.

Your SmartLink can now be shared

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