Without customization, SmartLinks referrers earn Qi Points every time someone down their referral chain clicks the SmartLink. Anyone is eligible to earn rewards, regardless of location, age, or gender, and the SmartLink is published at the time it is created, with a default lifetime of one year.

You can customize your SmartLink to:

  1. Add rewards to further incentivize referrers to share your link.

  2. Define your target audience

  3. Schedule your SmartLink

To customize your SmartLink:

1. When your SmartLink content is ready, click Customize your SmartLink with target audience, dates, rewards and more.

2. (Optional) To define your target audience:

a. Select up to 3 languages.

b. Select up to 5 countries.

c. Select a gender.
d. Click Edit to define the age limits.

3. Click Continue.

4. (Optional) Define a start and/or end date.

5. (Optional) To add rewards:

a. Select Yes! Reward people for getting clicks.

b. Select the currency, enter the CPC and the SmartLink total budget.

c. Select the reward distribution model.

Note: this is the meaning of each model

d. (Optional) To set limits to the allowed reward distribution:
a. Click Advanced.

b. Set the desired limits.

Note: If you opt to add rewards, you need to ensure that your page wallet contains enough ETH to cover the gas fees plus enough crypto to cover the campaign budet.

6. Click Continue.

7. In the displayed preview, check that all the information is correct.

8. (Optional) To hide your SmartLink from your page and the Explore section, tick the Make SmartLink Private box.

9. Click Create SmartLink.

10. To Deploy your SmartLink
If you added rewards, add this step:
a. When prompted, enter your wallet's password.

* If you have the fund in your wallet, confirm the transaction
* Otherwise, add funds to your wallet to cover the missing funds

Click Publish Campaign.

11. (Optional) To edit the text that appears in social share thumbnails, click Edit text.

8. Share the SmartLink with your circles.

Option 1: Click the social media icons to share on your channels.

Option 2: Click Copy Link and paste the link where you want to share it.
Note: The thumbnail text will not appear when you copy-paste the SmartLink.

Your SmartLink can now be shared

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