Transactions to and from your 2key wallet are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, processing any transaction implies paying Ethereum gas fees and transaction fees.
These are independent of 2key network and fluctuations of gas and transaction fees are entirely dependent on Ethereum.

When swapping tokens from your 2key wallet, you need to pay these transaction and gas fees to Ethereum.

To calculate your transaction fees:

Note: You need to hold slightly above the entire transaction fee in ETH in your wallet to cover the Ethereum transaction fee to buffer against sudden gas limit spikes on Ethereum. If needed, purchase the necessary amount of ETH or send it from another wallet.

1) From your 2key wallet, click Swap.

2) Select the token pair.

3) Enter the amount you want to swap.

4) Select one of the available DEXes.

5) Select the type of Transaction (TX) from the available options.
2key offers different options: Economic, Average, Priority, and High Priority.
A higher transaction fee shortens the time needed to process the transaction.
Each Option displays:
- The maximum amount of Gwei that can be charged for the transaction,

- The estimated value of the transaction based on the Gwei price in ETH,
(Also displayed in spot 5) a. in the illustration below)

- The estimated time needed to process the transaction at that price.

For more information about Transaction fees, please refer to Ethereum explanations.

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